Apakah Bad Sector Itu ?

A bad sector is a sector on a computer's disk drive or flash memory that cannot be used due to permanent damage (or an OS inability to successfully access it), such as physical damage to the disk surface or failed flash memory transistors.

Bad Sector Fisik dan Logikal.

Ada dua jenis kesalahan bad sector : Fisik dan Logikal

Physical bad sectors are the ones that are physically damaged. If your computer is bumped while the hard disk is writing data, is exposed to extreme heat, or simply has a faulty mechanical part that is allowing the head to contact the disk surface, a “physical bad sector" might be created. Hard bad sectors cannot be repaired, but they can be prevented.

Logical bad sectors occur when an error correction code (ECC) found in the sector does not match the content of the sector. A logical bad sector is sometimes explained as the "hard drive formatting wearing out" - they are logical errors, not the physical ones. These are repairable by overwriting everything on the disk with zeros. (Zerofill)

Penyebab HDD Bad Sector
-. Dampak Harddisk
-. Debu
-. Head Lemah atau Kesalahan Head
-. Kesalahan Mekanik
-. Lingkungan yang lembab
-. Penyakit Alami/Umur/Masa Pakai
-. Tegangan Berlebihan

Apakah ciri-ciri HDD Bad Sector ?

-. Reading disk error will repeatedly occur when opening a file or running a program.

-. Accessing a file takes a long time.

-. Wired sound comes out when do the read and write operation on hard drive.

-. Can’t successful format the hard disk. The formatting process stops and error report shows at last.

-. Scandisk runs automatically to scan the disk error every time booting the computer.

-. System can’t be normally started and prompt messages like “Sector not found” or “General error in reading drive C” pop up.

-. The blue screen of death happens frequently.

Bagaimana Bad Sector mambahayakan sebuah Drive

-. Head------ bad sectors are caused by natural wear or mechanical failure. At the same time, bad sectors damage head and eventually kill the heads

-. Platter------ bad sectors is on platter so when there are bad sectors, your data can become corrupted or lost.

-. Firmware----- bad sectors cause firmware problem, especially those connected with defect lists.

Mencegah HDD Bad Sectors

-. Mencegah dampak/akibat HDD

-. Tegangan yang Stabil

-. Defragment

-. Cukup Memory RAM

-. Partition your PC

-. Jangan membuat HDD bekerja berlebihan

-. Tempatkan HDD di posisi cukup udara